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Out of all the variants of cannabis available online, one of the most potent strains available for purchase on the online market is the Afghan Kush strain. While the origin of the strain is pretty much evident from the name of the strain, the Afghan Kush strain brings with it a unifying attribute that makes it palatable for western consumption. The origin traces itself back to the Hindu Kush mountains on the Afghanistan Pakistan border and due to the public availability of the strain pioneered by Netherlands based White Label Seed Company, the seeds and its natural fruit have spread like wildfire across the internet platforms. It is a purely Indica based cannabis variant. It is a highly potent sedative and has a heavy resin content as well. Let’s just say, that if you wish to relax after an extremely tiring day, Afghan Kush is an extremely potent hallucinogen which gives a sedating high mildly.

Every Cannabis strain is weighed in on its medicinal purposes as much as its recreational capabilities and therefore without a doubt Afghan Kush is one of the top most recommendations when it comes to a pain-less high. It has been revered in cases of mild mental disorders like ADHD, PTSD and Insomnia which requires medicine to be able to provide a very calming effect and take stress as well as depression head on.  In terms of flavour, majority of respondents claim that Afghan Kush can be identified by an Earth, Woody and Sweet taste. Buy weed online in USA like Afghan Kush and other from

Afghan Kush health benefits

Various online portals have started selling weed, which marks as a revolution in the digital age, truly describing the internet as a free market where ‘erstwhile drugs’ are now being sold as herbs which provide both recreational and medicinal benefits to a large number of people. Not only has the communication in this digital age far exceeded in the fraternity of trade but has taken quality, reliability, ease and efficiency to a significant level.

For a mellow ‘trip’ Afghan Kush is a fantastic variant and competes with the likes of Blueberry Hindu Kush and White Widow when it comes to the mellow high that the other strains bring to the table. It is to be said that Any Afghan strain from the Hindu Kush is likely to have high THC and considerably affirmative CBD as well to cater to the medicinal requirements of the patients or recreational smokers who just want a break from the mandates of life.

Coming to statistics, it has been found that Afghan Kush has been found in cities around the US. Online websites which sell weed are scattered across cities as well like The most popular cities where Afghan Kush is famous are – Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and Detroit. Therefore, it does touch on states all around the country. From California in the west to Michigan in the middle and therefore it is a strain well suited for consumption all throughout. Apart from this, Canada and Netherlands are also high consumers of this strain. So what are you waiting for, try this exotic strain pronto.

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